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B. Schmieder, J. Kehrer:
"Dealing with Vandalism in Urban Transit Networks - A Present Day Problem for Infrastructure and Operation";
Vortrag: International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering (ICTTE) 2018, Belgrad; 27.09.2018 - 28.09.2018; in: "ICTTE Belgrade 2018 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering", S. Zezelj (Hrg.); (2018), ISBN: 9788691615345; Paper-Nr. 64, 7 S.

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Initially a negligible phenomenon of the past century, vandalism has become a not negligible problem in Vienna´s urban transit network after the millennium. This paper provides scientific background information on the topic and displays the hazard potential of vandalism. A scientific study conducted in 2014 evaluates the steadily increasing cases of graffiti-vandalism on trains of the Vienna underground network. However, acts of vandalism do not only affect trains but also stations of the urban transit network. That is why a follow-up study from 2017 investigated causes, impacts and handling of vandalism in stations of Vienna´s urban transit network. Since there was no comprehensive data of vandalism-cases available, a data collection for all Viennese Underground stations was initiated and a database differing type, place, size and surface-material was generated. Further types of vandalism beside Graffiti-Vandalism were assessed: smearing, etching, scratching, breaking and destroying infrastructure´s surfaces. Connections between the cases of vandalism, the passenger frequency, the geographical location of the station and the type of station surveillance were evaluated. Wiener Linien´s strategy of not putting vandalised trains into service is justified from an economic and safetyfocused point of view. This strategy is not applicable for stations because infrastructure cannot be easily closed. Damaged surfaces can be cleaned, repaired, painted or must be replaced. As opposed to now, it is highly recommended that all actual costs related to the `trains and stations´ repairs have to be taken into account when talking about vandalism-based damages.

graffiti, vandalism, urban transport operation, safety management

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