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"Airport Trains - Baggage Drop Off During Train Ride To The Airport";
Vortrag: TRANSPORT 2017, Sofia; 12.10.2017 - 14.10.2017; in: "Mehanika. Transport. Komunikacii / Mechanics, Transport, Communications", Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Sofia, 15 (2017), ISSN: 1312-3823; S. 33 - 39.

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Supported through the increasingly extended high-speed railway network in Europe, there are a wide range of considerations for replacing intra-European air traffic to a large extent with the railway. In short-haul traffic, the railway can thereby replace the whole of air traffic as well as play an essential role in feeder traffic on medium- and long-haul flights. In order to create a corresponding demand, the railway must be highly attractive and operate within the framework of an overall airport-feeder system. The following essay deals, from the point of view of travellers, with the basics that should produce a corresponding attractiveness and thus acceptance.

airport train, baggage drop off during train ride, customer needs

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