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G. Dinhobl, T. Maly, M. Jaksch, P. Suppin:
"Wheel tread defects - a measurement-based approach to estimate the effects on railway noise";
in: "IWRN12: 12th International Workshop on Railway Noise", Australian Acoustical Society, Terrigal, Australia, 2016, Paper-Nr. 67, 8 S.

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Wheel tread defects can cause characteristic intermitted sound emissions. In the face of existing theoretical investigations regarding impact noise, which are mostly limited to wheel flats, present investigations focus on a statistical analysis of comprehensive measurements of both, wheel tread defects as well as pass-by noise of trains in real life operation. For this purpose an alternative descriptor of acoustic effects is introduced. In addition peak level changes due to wheel tread defects and the influence on noise indicator Lnight are estimated.

wheel tread defects

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