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V. Hartl-Benz:
"Integrated regular timetable and spatial factors in Austria and Switzerland";
Vortrag: 5th International Conference "Towards a Humane City" Urban Transport 2030 - Mastering Change, University of Novi Sad/SRB; 05.11.2015 - 06.11.2015; in: "5th International Conference "Towards a humane city"", (2015), ISBN: 978-86-7892-739-3; S. 399 - 406.

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Railway passenger transport is a story of success in Switzerland. The timetable scheme of the integrated regular timetable (IRT) is an important factor of its success. Structural factors like population and agglomeration structures and the extent of the commuter traffic between the conurbations nevertheless play an important role too. Austria and Switzerland differ much in these structural factors. Therefore one cannot expect a similar success from the implementation of an IRT in Austria. Nevertheless it may help to improve ridership and the share of railways on the modal split in Austria, especially in certain regions.

Success of passenger railway services, integrated regular timetable, passenger demand, population density, agglomerations, geography

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