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V. Hartl-Benz, P. Matzenberger, B. Rüger:
"A baggage service focusing on passengers needs";
Vortrag: 5th International Conference "Towards a Humane City" Urban Transport 2030 - Mastering Change, University of Novi Sad/SRB; 05.11.2015 - 06.11.2015; in: "5th International Conference "Towards a humane city"", (2015), ISBN: 978-86-7892-739-3; S. 189 - 196.

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Luggage is one of the main reasons why people choose their car instead of public transport. In order to support more sustainable and active forms of mobility, it is necessary to develop ground-breaking logistic systems not only for travellers themselves but also for their luggage. Due to the complexity of efficient and customer-oriented independent "public luggage transport" and as a first step, the exploratory project "GepäckLoS" (founded by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the the Austrian Research Promotion Agency), considering all reasonable, possible and thinkable options, was launched. In order to minimise the development risks it was first necessary to survey and define all requirements. Therefore, extensive customer surveys were conducted. This article presents the results of these surveys.

baggage service, customer surveys, needs, requirements, public goods transport

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