G. Simic, B. Rüger:
"Improving Railway Boarding Accessibility";
FACTA UNIVERSITATIS, Series Mechanical Engineering, 11 (2013), 10 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Regarding the EU regulations, the present public transportation systems must be accessible for everyone wit hout any restrictions. The relevant question is: how can trains be accessible to everyone? A huge variety of different vehicles and different platforms does not allow level boarding everywhere, but only in the so-called "closed" systems. In all other situations some technical aids for the people with reduced mobility are needed. The paper gives an overview of the requirements for new boarding assistance systems as well as of the recent results in development of the lift system for UIC-coaches within the EU-cofounded project Public Transportation A ccessibility for All(PubTrans4All).

Barrierefreiheit, Fahrzeugeinstieg, Schienenfahrzeuge

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