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B. Rüger, H. Graf, B. Stadlmann:
"All Requirements Regarding Customer Friendly Baggage Storage At The Station";
Vortrag: The Second B&H Congress on Railways, Sarajevo; 26.09.2013 - 27.09.2013; in: "Proceedings", (2013).

Kurzfassung englisch:
Locking luggage on a railway station is a basic service many passengers want to use. Especially
when they try to use their time efficiently, like for shopping, for meetings or for sightseeing luggage often
disturbs. Most of today's luggage lockers do not fulfil the needs of modern travellers. The paper gives an
overview about all the needs and expectations of passengers regarding to luggage storing on the station and
about the benefit for station operators when offering suitable and accepted storing systems.

luggage locking, customer friendly, storrage

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