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J Neuhold, P. Nutz, M. Hoffmann:
"Innovative Winter Maintenance Guidelines In Austria";
Vortrag: 14th Internatinonal Winter Road Congress - Andorra, Andorra (eingeladen); 04.02.2014 - 07.02.2014; in: "14th Piarc International Winter Road Congress", PIARC, (2014), ISBN: 978-99920-0-773-0.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The technology of using pre-wetted-salt in winter maintenance is a standard in Austria. In order to improve the winter maintenance techniques, the federal states, the Austrian highway operating company ASFINAG and the federal ministry of Transport (BMVIT) funded a research project at the Institute of Transportation (Vienna University of Technology). The goal was to investigate the question of necessary salt application rates and timing in order to optimize winter maintenance and improve the road safety. The developed holistic model allows a determination of optimal application rates and timing of de-icing agents as a function of precipitation rate, traffic volume and road surface temperature over several treatment-cycles. For the implementation of the findings, a compact summary and a winter maintenance guide were developed as well. Based on typical winter weather and road conditions, practical winter maintenance recommendations and application rates are given. The winter maintenance guide was tested in winter 2010/11 on selected roads in Austria for the first time. Based on this practical experience the maintenance guidelines were adapted and have been applied to all high level roads in Austria since the winter period 2011/12. In addition to the treatment principles, application rates for typical scenarios based on the developed model are presented. These scenarios consist of specific road-condition and weather-development situations. The scenarios are illustrated with pictures of typical road conditions and an overview of appropriate winter maintenance strategies and driving recommendations. Due to their generalized nature these recommendations cannot replace the expertise and responsibility of the winter maintenance staff. Therefore, the new findings of the salt-spreading-technology were brought closer to the personal in training sessions together with the Institute of Transportation from the Vienna University of Technology. An additional survey of the winter maintenance personnel provided feedback opportunity. The findings from practical experience have been incorporated as well. With a new salt-controlling-system both average salt consumption and savings due to the application of the maintenance guidelines could be detected.

Operational approaches, equipment and products for winter service

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