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M. Hoffmann, A. Kammersberger:
"Asset management and life cycle cost optimization for bridges on network, asset and element level";
in: "Life - Cycle and Sustainability of Civil Infrastzructure Systems", herausgegeben von: IALCCE; Taylor and Francis Group, London, London, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-415-62126-7, 10 S.

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Asset management is not a case by case decision but is based on a comprehensive set of goals and strategies as a cyclic and hierarchical process from budgeting on network level down to individual measures on asset element level. The developed approaches allow long and short term LCC - predictions for bridge assets on all levels. The paper presents a verified standardized life cycle for bridge assets based on the findings and application to 3300 bridges in the province of Styria. Furthermore a preview to a refined LCC - approach on bridge element level is given allowing a specific optimization of rehabilitation decisions for individual bridges as well as an optimization on road sections and the entire bridge inventory on network level.

bridge, LCC, rehabilitation, costs, age, service live

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