B. Rüger, P. Tauschitz, D. Milkovic:
"Operators' needs and expectations regarding to boarding assistance devices";
RTR Railway Technical Review (eingeladen), 9/2012 (2012), S. 11 - 14.

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Many passengers would prefer to get assistance when boarding a train. There are two ways of providing assistance. It can be either offered through personnel assistance, i.e. trained staff helping passengers with their luggage, baby prams etc., or elderly people when boarding, or it can be offered by applying a technical device such as a boarding assistance system like a lift or ramp. In most cases personnel assistance can be prefered because it´s much quicker compared to technical devices and can be offered to many more passengers. In some cases, especially for wheelchair users, or persons with severs walking disabilities a technical aid such as a boarding assistance system is essential.
In the following needs and expectations of railway operators with regard to boarding assistance systems are shown in detail. The result shown below is the outcome of surveys done with railway operators. In this article the general whish of the operators are demonstrated, independent form any regulations!

accessibility, operaor needs, boarding assistance

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