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M. Wistuba, H. Grothe, J. Grönniger, F. Handle:
"Adhesion Of Bitumen: Screening And Evaluating Laboratory Testing Techniques";
Poster: 5th Euroasphalt & Eurobitumen Congress, Istanbul; 13.06.2012 - 15.06.2012; in: "Proceedings of the Euroasphalt & Eurobitumen Congress", M. Southern (Hrg.); (2012), Paper-Nr. P5EE-197, 12 S.

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A huge number of laboratory testing techniques is known for assessing adhesion properties between bituminous materials and aggregates in laboratory. Besides simple empirical tests (usually established for binder specification and quality assurance), like Rolling Bottle Test or static immersion test, elaborate test methods are in use like contact angle measurement of either bitumen droplets on mineral aggregates or water droplets on bitumen surfaces. This paper presents latest results of a critical review of a number of laboratory testing techniques. Based on joint research work of Braunschweig Pavement Engineering Centre, Germany, and Vienna University of Technology, Austria, problems and limits of different techniques are discussed. Screening and evaluation of these techniques is based on data resulting from an extensive laboratory test program conducted in the frame of this research co-operation in recent years, including various aggregates and bitumen types. All testing techniques according to the European Standards have been taken into account. Furthermore, new approaches for adhesion testing have been investigated, like contact angle measurements especially adopted for bitumen-aggregate-systems, or like the static tensile test conducted on pins drilled out from aggregate rock and sticked together with bitumen film. The results from these laboratory testing campains are also presented in detail.

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