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A. Schöbel, S. Todorov:
"Simulation Of Railway Operation For Estimation Of Demand On Railway Infrastructure";
Vortrag: International Jubilee Conference UACEG2012: Science & Practice, Sofia; 15.11.2012 - 17.11.2012; in: "Proceedings", (2012), ISBN: 978-954-724-049-0; Paper-Nr. 19_T_142, 6 S.

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The design of new railway infrastructure is a complex planning process today in most European countries due to several requirements. From an operational point of view new infrastructure basically has to fulfil the requirements defined by the later customers who are the railway undertakings. Hereby passenger traffic is often organised in a periodic timetable with well defined arrival and departure times in the hubs. These time constraints allow to design the graphical timetable which is indicating the minimum design speed. As a rule, the number of required tracks in a section or station can be also taken out of the graphical timetable. A further optimisation can be carried out between available running time reserves or additional infrastructure. Therefore as input data infrastructure layout, rolling stock and timetable are needed. After the simulation the graphical timetable and many other output graphs like speed/distance and energy consumption/distance are delivered to check the proposed infrastructure layout. This paper shows the application of the methodology for the line from Sofia to Dimitrovgrad (SRB).

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