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G. Vasic, S. Ingelten, A. Schöbel, B. Paulsson, M. Robinson:
"Development Of The Future Rail Freight System To Reduce The Occurrences And Impact Of Derailment";
Hauptvortrag: Railcon 12, Nis; 04.10.2012 - 05.10.2012; in: "Proceedings", D. Stamenkovic (Hrg.); Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Nis, 15 (2012), ISBN: 978-86-6055-028-8; S. XXIII - XVI.

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This paper provides an overview of D-RAIL, an EU FP7 project that focuses on freight
train derailments. The project will identify root causes of derailment of particular significance to
freight vehicles, which have a wider range of operating parameters (as a result of the huge range
in loads, speeds and maintenance quality) than passenger vehicles. D-RAIL will extend this study
to include the expected demands on the rail freight system forecast for 2050, such as heavier axle
loads, faster freight vehicle speeds, radically new vehicle designs, or longer train consists. A set of
alarm limits will be specified which can be selected as appropriate by infrastructure managers,
depending on local conditions. Current monitoring systems and developing technologies will be
assessed with respect to their ability to identify developing faults and potential dangers. Where
current systems are shown to be deficient, the requirements for future monitoring systems will be
specified. D-RAIL will also examine vehicle identification technologies. Integration of alarm limits,
monitoring systems and vehicles across national borders and network boundaries will be examined
and a deployment plan set out based on RAMS and LCC analyses. D-RAIL results will input to
standards, regulations and international contracts.

derailment, freight trains, monitoring, vehicle and track inspection

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Entwicklung des zukünftigen Schienengüterverkehrs zur Reduktion des Auftretens und der Auswirkungen von Entgleisungen

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