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B. Rüger, G. Simic:
"Boarding assistance devices for improving railway vehicle accessibility";
Vortrag: The First BH Congress on Railways, Sarajevo; 29.09.2011 - 30.09.2011; in: "The first Congress on Railways - proceedings", (2011), ISSN: 2233-0100.

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EU regulations require that public transportation systems be accessible for everyone
without any restrictions. This includes not only disabled people, but also elderly, passengers with
baby carriages, big sized luggage etc. i.e. all people with some kind of reduced mobility. Assuring
accessibility for all is an inevitable future obligation for railway operators. The interface between
platform and rail vehicle is one of the largest railway accessibility problems particularly for
wheelchair users. Most railway vehicles require special boarding devices to provide accessibility.
To advance the current situation a project consortium (PubTrans4All) funded by the EU in FP7 will
develop a new boarding assistance system that can be used not only by wheelchair users, but by
other people with reduced mobility.

accessibility, vehicle entrance, boarding assistance device, people with reduced mobility

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