H. Frey, U. Leth, A. Mayerthaler, T. Brezina:
"Predicted congestions never occur. On the gap between transport modelling and human behaviour";
Transport Problems, Volume 6 (2011), Issue 1; S. 73 - 86.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents an introduction to meso-scale transport modeling and issues of human behaviour in transport systems. Along with other examples ofthe human ability to learn in transport systems we look at the comparison of real life data and the prediction of modeling tools for the closure of Vienna's inner ring road during the 2008 European Football Championship (EURO 2008). Some light is shed on the scientific question, whether currently used modeling tools are able to adequately reproduce the real-life behaviour of human beings in the transport system and should be used for transport policy decision making.

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