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A. Schöbel (Hrg.):
"Wayside Train Monitoring Systems - an actual overview";
DVV Media Group GmbH I Eurailpress, Hamburg, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-7771-0426-3; 70 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This special issue of RTR shall give an overview on the variety of wayside train monitoring systems (WTMS) already used in daily operation or on the border to market enter. The technical devices are only a part of an overall implementation strategy which must cover the operational handling in case of alarms and the usage of measured data in maintenance procedures to improve the quality of railway transport.

The first two chapters specify on the demand analysis for infrastructure managers and estimation of safety requirements for WTMS. The next chapters describe examples of technologies of wayside train monitoring systems, like hot box detection systems or dynamic weighting and at spot detection. The last chapter about the networking functionality form the completion of this special.

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