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B. Rüger, B. Petutschnig:
"Improving Railway Vehicle Accessibility";
Vortrag: EURO - Zel 2010, Zilina; 26.05.2010 - 27.05.2010; in: "Revitalisation of Economy - New Challenge for European Railways", EDIS Zilina, (2010), ISBN: 978-80-554-0198-0; S. 91 - 97.

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According to EU regulations, it is a must that public transportation systems need to be accessible for anyone without restrictions, and it is also a must for all European railway operators. As a consequence of the ageing society, there is an increased need for mobility and effective methods in order to overcome accessibility obstacles. There are also further groups of people with reduced mobility which influence the variety of needs of passengers in regards to accessibility of public transport systems.
The interface between platform and vehicle is one of the key areas of potential difficulties in regards to accessibility.

accessibility, boarding assistance device, Barrierefreiheit, Einstiegshilfe

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