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S. Bepperling, A. Schöbel:
"Estimation of safety requirements for wayside hot box detection systems";
Vortrag: FORMS 2010, Braunschweig; 02.12.2010 - 03.12.2010; in: "Proceedings", E. Schnieder, G. Tarnai (Hrg.); (2010), S. 129 - 136.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The estimation of safety requirements for wayside train monitoring systems is becoming more and more relevant due to the fact that new technologies are currently developed to recognize various fault states in railway operation during vehicles run. If such systems try to enter the market soon, the question arises in the process of accreditation at the national notified body. To support this process the BP risk methodology was used in this paper to estimate the required safety integrity level for such monitoring devices.

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