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A. Nash, B. Rüger, R. Rodlauer, N. Ostermann:
"Improving Passenger Rail Accessibility - Results Of A Competition To Develop New Concepts And Ideas";
Poster: Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.; 11.01.2009 - 15.01.2009; in: "Transportation Research Board 88th Annual Meeting", (2009), S. 1 - 13.

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Boarding and alighting railway vehicles poses a significant burden for people with limited mobility whether disabled, elderly, traveling with a baby carriage or in other situations. Improving rail vehicle accessibility can help increase railway use and thereby help create a more sustainable and energy efficient transport system. Improving accessibility also benefits rail operators by reducing the time needed for boarding, thus reducing operating costs. This paper describes a competition held in Austria to develop new ideas for improving access to existing passenger rail vehicles. The focus on existing systems is important because rail vehicles and facilities are expensive and have long service lifetimes so simply replacing existing vehicles and facilities would be difficult. Most of the ideas developed in the competition were refinements to existing boarding accessibility systems. These ideas included improved design to make the systems more attractive to use, two-sided lift systems and combining several accessibility features into a single coach. An important project result was increased awareness of the need to improve rail vehicles accessibility by both the competition participants and the general public through competition publicity. The paper summarizes the importance of providing accessibility, presents a framework for boarding assistance systems (BAS), describes the competition and presents conclusions with recommendations for similar competitions.

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