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A. Mayerthaler:
"Policy scenario modelling with the land-use transport interaction model MARS Austria";
Vortrag: The 27th International Conference of The System Dynamics, Albuquerque/USA; 26.07.2009 - 30.07.2009; in: "Proceedings of the 10th PhD Colloquium", (2009), ISBN: 978-1-935056-03-4; S. 1 - 7.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents an attempt to setup the land use transport interaction model MARS (Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator) for a nation wide case study for Austria. Interaction between transport planning, land-use planning and the economy is highly complex. The numerous feedback loops within and between transport, land-use and economy are effective on different temporal and spatial levels. The MARS Austria model was designed to capture the most important feedback loops between these systems.
With this model policy scenarios concerning transport and land-use shall be implemented to predict effects on transport behaviour and migration of households and workplaces on the district level of Austria. A relevant development in Austria over the last years was the constant growth of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. The model shall help to evaluate which policy measures are most effective in terms of CO2 reduction in the transport sector.

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Projektleitung Günter Emberger:
Langfristige Wechselwirkungen zwischen Verkehr, Wirtschaft und Siedlungsstruktur - Ein systemdynamisches Mehrebenen-Modell für Österreich

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