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B. Rüger, D. Tuna:
"Optimizing passenger exchange";
Vortrag: EURNEX - Zel 2008, Zilina; 04.06.2008 - 05.06.2008; in: "Towards more competitive European rail system", EDIS Zilina, 2 (2008), ISBN: 978-80-8070-853-5; S. 41 - 49.

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Today, train passenger exchange is mostly insufficient. As well as different entrance areas and improper interiors cause restrictions of the passengers comfort, a longer exchange time and have consequences of the modal split. If the interiors of coaches are optimised the stop-over time will be reduced to a third on the average. For the quantification of the influence of the interior on the stop-over time, a research work has been made on the Institute for Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways. For this research work 13000 passenger exchange processes were recorded and evaluated. These data collections were made at German, Austrian and Swiss railway stations.

passenger exchange; stop-over time; coach interior

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Analyse von Fahrgastverhalten

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