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A. Oberhauser, M. Kalivoda, M. Jaksch:
"Railway Noise Monitoring Methods";
Vortrag: 3rd Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Graz; 27.09.2007 - 28.09.2007; in: "3rd Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association", (2007), 6 S.

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Environmental conditions represent the main problem for permanent noise monitoring of a railway line. Influence of wind, rain or snow on the measurement results are difficult to quantify and compensate for. Therefore it is without processing and changes not possible to use monitoring results for a track access charging system which includes the actual pass-by noise measured. Rail and sleeper vibrations can be measured with accelerometers without being strongly affected by atmospheric and environmental conditions. Railway noise research in the past has demonstrated a relationship between rail vibration and rolling noise. Consequently, a method has been developed for the reconstruction of pass-by noise from rail vibrations measured data.

railway noise, monitoring, acoustics, track access charge

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