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M. Wistuba, M. Spiegl:
"Asphalt pavements in cold climates - a systematic approach for the assessment of cracking resistance";
in: "Advanced Characterization of Pavement and Soil Engineering Materials", A. Loizos, T. Scarpas, I. Al-Qadi (Hrg.); Talyor & Francis Group, London, 2007, ISBN: 978-0-415-44882-6, S. 1199 - 1208.

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This paper focuses on the risk evaluation of surface-initiated longitudinal cracking in asphalt pavements that is assumed to be related to a combination of both, critical traffic induced stresses and temperature-related stresses induced by fast temperature cooling. A systematic approach is presented for assessing the asphalt materials capacity for cracking resistance. In addition, new types for loading asphalt mix specimens in fatigue tests are discussed, that are intended to develop improved forecasting tools for asphalt pavement performance.

asphalt pavement, low temperature cracking, performance

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