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B. Rüger:
"Basics for efficient railway interiors";
Vortrag: XII Scientific-Expert Conference on Railways, Nis (eingeladen); 19.10.2006 - 20.10.2006; in: "Proceedings", Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Nis, (2006), ISBN: 8680587591; S. 29 - 32.

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Attraction and effectiveness are two catchwords of our time which is also true for the railway. The railway must be attractive for travelers on the one hand, so that it has chances to be chosen, on the other hand, it must be run effectively and efficiently, so that it can exist in the competition!
Efficiency often means in the passenger transportation to carry possibly many travelers with the same seat capacity to hold the costs per travelers low. This understanding of efficiency is also reflected in the railway interiors where is attempted to offer a very big number in seats in a car to increase thereby the capacities and to minimize the vehicle weight per seat.
Indeed, this consideration wise is correct theoretically, nevertheless, it does not bear comparison to practical considerations how analyses in Austrian far trip trains show. Those show clearly that the theoretically looked efficiency by capacity rise and the observed practical efficiency diverges strongly! A very big number in offered seats in the car leads among other things to the fact that as a result of lacking useful luggage racks a big number of the seats is occupied by baggage so that as a rule only a maximum extent of utilization of 80% of the car is accessible!
Nevertheless, by user-friendly design of railway-interiors can be reached that the number of the travelers per car and with it the extent of utilization is raised, although the seat proportion and with it the theoretical capacity is reduced! Besides, with the design of railway-interiors is to be paid attention to a whole optimum to reach the greatest possible seat extent of utilization and thereby an efficient system-management! Considering the overall system of "travelers" an "attractive" and at the same time "efficient" railway-interiors is possible with which the requirements "attraction" and "efficiency" show no contradiction but even a supplement!
To be able to design efficient railway-interiors it is necessary to know about the passenger and his behavioral wise most exactly. These necessary bases were analized by a several years' investigation, which is based among other things on questioning 14 ' 000 passengers as well as on numerous countings and measuring rows, among other things by videoanalyses. The passenger's behavior was analyzed most exactly having regard to an important and barely observed problem up to now, the baggage!

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