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A. Schöbel, M. Pisek, J. Karner:
"Hot box detection systems as a part of automated train observation in Austria";
Vortrag: EURNEX - ZEL 2006, Zilina; 30.05.2006 - 31.05.2006; in: "Towards the competitive rail systems in europe", (2006), ISBN: 8080705518; S. 157 - 161.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Due to the ongoing remote control in signalling technology train observation by employees is reduced at traditional locations e.g. place of a station manager. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) Infrastructure Operation Company has recognised this trend very early. Several years ago, they started the construction of a wayside detection system to control the temperature of passing trains because of the increasing discontinuation of station managers doing the observation of boxes and brakes. Outcome of this research and development activities is the hot box detection system TK 99 of the HOA-group at Infrastructure Service in the Infrastructure Operation Company of ÖBB which is used in the railway network of Austria over one hundred times at the moment. If an ineligible heating of a box or a brake is not discovered early enough, lubricating grease in the box will lose its function and a break-down of the box would follow. Thereby, inhomogeneous loads per axle are possible which can lead to a derailment of the boogie. Economic efficiency of a wayside hot box detection system can be demonstrated in comparison with the costs of prevented derailments.

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