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R. Hierzer, A. Oberhauser:
"Management Strategies for Railway Noise Abatement";
Vortrag: ZEL 2006 - 14th International Symposium, Zilina, SK; 30.05.2006 - 31.05.2006; in: "EURNEX-ZEL 2006, Towards the Competitive Rail Systems in Europe", 2 (2006), ISBN: 80-8070-550-x; S. 98 - 105.

Kurzfassung englisch:
When competing with other traffic modes, railways tend to present their low emission potential as a positive fact. Past measures for railway noise abatement were mainly directed to the infrastructure e.g. absorber elements and noise barriers in form of walls and embankments. These structures lead to a disharmonic integration into the existing landscape and lowers the established public reputation of railways. A research project funded by Aus-trian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology called "Railway Noise - Monitoring and Man-agement" was conducted by the Department of Railway Engineering at Vienna University of Technology in co?operation psiA ? Consult Environmental Management and Engineering Ltd. Within the project management strategies were developed which can act as incentives for railway operators to enhance their rolling stock to the state of the art in noise abatement technology.

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