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A. Oberhauser:
"Darstellung und Umsetzung von Massnahmen zur Energieeffizienz im Eisenbahnwesen";
Poster: Zel 2005 - 12 th International Symposium, Zilina; 23.05.2005 - 24.05.2005; in: "Railways on the Edge to the 3rd Millenium, "On the way towards the 'European' Railway - Harmonisation and ITS"", (2005), ISBN: 80-8070-400-7; S. 23 - 29.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Considering the aspects of environmental benefits and the public reputation of railways , they are in a favourable position in comparison to other traffic modes. However, there are still possibilities to reduce the amount of consumed energy. These aspects were subject to a study conducted at the Institute of Railway Engineering, Traffic Economics and Ropeways at the Technical University of Vienna. The railway system is analysed and divided into specific fields. For each specific field, measures are presented, which shall be understood as incentives for further technological improvements, considering the railway sector. Competition is always present in market economy. Due to an enlarging transport market it is wise not only to establish the railway´s reputation considering a favourable energy consumption, but to enlarge its advantages.

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