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A. Weninger-Vycudil, P. Simanek, C. Molzer, J. Litzka:
"Actual Researches on the Austrian PMS-Sector";
in: "6th International Conference on Managing Pavements", herausgegeben von: TRB, Queensland Goverment (Dep. of Main Roads), Austroads; ICMP, Queensland, Australia, 2004, (eingeladen), Paper-Nr. 407, 13 S.

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In 2001 the Austrian motorway company ASFINAG (Autobahnen- und Schnellstrassen-Finanzierungs-AG), in cooperation with the BMVIT (Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology), and the ISTU (Institute for Road Construction and Maintenance, TU Vienna), started with the practical application of a computer-assisted PMS to harmonize systematic road maintenance and to improve the efficiency of maintenance strategies on Austria’s 2000 km of motorways and xpressways.
The institute’s task is the development of new models and elements as well as the improvement of existing PMS components. Since practical application was started, a wide range of innovations and research has been carried out, which could be summarized as follows:
. Revision of the method employed for assessing pavement condition in cooperation with the road administration authorities (calculation of performance and structural sub-indexes and a combined condition index)
. Development of an algorithm and a software module for the eneration of segments characterized by homogeneous pavement conditions using Bayesian statistics (cooperation with VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
. Improvement of existing and development of new performance prediction models (semi-probabilistic deterioration functions) for various pavement condition attributes by the using "Bayesian pdatingprocess" (cooperation with the Institute for Statistics and Probability Theory, TU Vienna)
. Development of a section-based calibration method for performance models
. Development of a pavement structural number specifically for Austria to describe the structural entities of pavement structures
. Development of an additional PMS module for the integration of user costs into the optimization process
These models and components have been implemented in the PMS software package step by step since spring 2002 and will be presented in the paper.

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