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J. Litzka, J. Haberl:
"Actual research on noise reducing surfaces";
Vortrag: 7. Slovenski Kongres - Zbornik referatov, Portoroz, Slowenien (eingeladen); 20.10.2004 - 22.10.2004; in: "7. Slovenski Kongres - Zbornik referatov", Ljubljana-Portoroz, Oktober 2004 (2004), ISBN: 961-6527-01-0; S. 72 - 82.

Kurzfassung englisch:
As nowadays traffic noise disturbance of human beings is one of the big environ-mental problems to solve, many research projects in Europe on the development and analysis of noise reducing road surfaces are running. Traffic noise research projects where the Vienna University of Technology is involved are explained and accordingly measurement results are presented in this paper. On one side, the Vienna University of Technology is working within Austrian research activities in small consortia, but on the other hand, there are huge European projects dealing with noise reduction solu-tions. As an example, the EU-project SILVIA ("Sustainable Road Surfaces for Traffic Noise Control") aims at providing decision-makers with a tool allowing them to ration-ally plan traffic noise control measures. The main topics of this research project are the analysis and improvement of existing traffic noise measurement methods, the development of road construction and maintenance techniques for low noise road surfaces, the integration of these low-noise pavements with other noise abatement measures and the development of a procedure for cost/benefit analysis of noise abatement measures. The final product will be an "European Guidance Manual on the Utilisation of Low-Noise Road Surfacings". An Austrian noise research project called "Real-Life Noise Emissions Factors for Street Traffic and Noise Reduction Scenarios Through Complete System Optimisation" is mainly dealing with the influ-ence of different traffic conditions on the noise emissions of passing vehicles. While the Austrian "Low Noise Road" research umbrella as well as an actual project on "Additional Austrian Noise Measurements for SILVIA" are mainly dealing with the in-fluence of the interaction between tyres and road surfaces on traffic noise.

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