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M.-L. Antunes, A. van Dommelen, M. Wistuba:
"Performance Evaluation of Innovative Maintenance Techniques";
in: "Proceedings of the 3rd Eurasphalt&Eurobitume Congress", Foundation Eurasphalt, 2004, ISBN: 90-802884-4-6, 11 S.

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The FORMAT project (Fully Optimised Road Maintenance) is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of the European road network by providing the means to reduce the number, duration and size of road works for pavement maintenance purposes. Four topics key to road pavement maintenance form the subject of this extensive research effort: maintenance techniques, cost benefit analysis, safety at roadworks and pavement condition monitoring.
The research being conducted in the field of "maintenance techniques" includes the performance assessment of innovative techniques for flexible pavements, using accelerated load testing (ALT) in full scale facilities at DWW (Netherlands), LAVOC (Switzerland), TRL (United Kingdom) and LCPC (France). The selected maintenance techniques and materials are applied to worn flexible pavements, using construction procedures as close as possible to the ones used on actual road sites. Their performance under heavy truck wheel loads is assessed by direct comparison with the performance of conventional maintenance techniques under the same conditions of loading and environment.
This paper focuses on the accelerated load testing performed at DWW and LAVOC, concerning maintenance techniques for rutted asphalt pavements. It gives some details about the "worn" pavements, the installation and the testing of the maintenance treatments and their performance under repeated traffic loads.

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