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R. Blab, J. Harvey:
"Viscoelastic Rutting Model with Improved Loading Assumptions";
Vortrag: 9th ISAP, Kopenhagen (eingeladen); 17.08.2002 - 22.08.2002.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A 3-dimensional FE model of a road pavement is presented, in which the temperature- and load-dependent performance of flexible pavements is characterized by a generalized Maxwell model and improved loading assumptions are used based on measurements of tire-road contact stresses. A method has been developed that permits the derivation of the required viscoelastic model parameters from dynamic shear tests. The model was evaluated using simulation calculations for a specific test structure on which rutting tests had been performed with a Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS). This evaluation demonstrated good agreement between the deformations predicted by the theoretical model and the deformations actually measured.

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