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P. Simanek, A. Weninger-Vycudil, J. Litzka:
"The Austrian Pavement Management System, Implementation, Method of Analysis and Experiences from Application";
in: "Jubilee Scientific Conference - Vol. 8 Geodesy, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnics, Mathematics, Physics", herausgegeben von: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy; Proceeding, Sofia, Bulgarien, 2002, S. 267 - 274.

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In 1998 the Institute for Road Construction and Maintenance at Vienna’s University of Technology (ISTU) was commissioned with the implementation of a computer-assisted pavement management system. Basis of the Austrian PMS is the database VIABASE_AUSTRIA including data relating to condition, traffic, pavement, geometry and inventory. Austria´s federal road network has been measured and visually inspected since 1991 so that today a huge amount of basic condition-data (rutting, cracking, skid resistance, roughness, surface distresses and texture) is available to ensure a realistic pavement management system. With this information a method has to be developed to assess the road condition during analysis period and to calculate the performance optimization in the PMS. A pavement and distress index (PDI) and a comfort and safety index (CSI) are determined to characterize the structural condition of the road and the comfort condition for the road-user in order to calculate a total condition index (TCI), which enables to classify the road condition, allows an assessment of road condition during the analysis period and is used for the performance optimization in the PMS. An overview about the first results of VIAPMS_AUSTRIA is presented.

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